In the last week of term year 6 were visited by Tony North and they had an Egyptian day where they all dressed up as pharaohs and had their faces painted. They also wrote in hieroglyphs. Do you know what they are? Year 6 also painted statues and important symbols related to Ancient Egypt, like the sphinx. Do you know what a sphinx is?

Roman Battle

We have really enjoyed the topic on the Romans and making Roman weapons. We made swords and shields and Tom even made a spear! Year 4 are now all ready to do battle in the arena!

In Y5 this week

Year 5 have had another busy week. They have been writing poetry, and making Magic Boxes for a lovely display for their poetry. What would you put in your Magic Box?

In maths they have been investigating rounding numbers including decimal numbers, and some of them had another puzzling jigsaw to complete. Well done to everyone who kept going and completed it.

Rounding Game (7) Rounding Game (8)


In year 4 our science topic is the human body. This week we have been learning about teeth. Mitchell made a poster which tells people what you need to know about teeth like how to look after teeth and what the teeth do. He also included pictures of different foods that are good and bad for your teeth. He even showed his pearly white teeth to the camera!


World Space Week

By Noah and Evan

In year 2 we spent a week learning about space and the planets.

We made up rhymes to remember the names of the planets in the right order. The right order means the distance they are from the sun.

We made space biscuits. We had to design what our biscuit would look like by choosing a planet. We then made the biscuits and then decorated them the day after. Noah did Mercury. He used silver balls and grey icing. Evan did Earth. He used white icing, green icing and blue icing. After we had made the biscuits we evaluated them. Noah thinks that if he did the biscuits again he would do Mars because it has the highest hills in the universe and it is more colourful. Evan thinks that if he made his biscuit again he would make it look a bit more like a planet by putting less icing on. All the icing mixed together!

An interesting fact Evan learnt is that all the planets have moons. An interesting fact that Noah learnt is that Neptune has many storms.

The whole class enjoyed World Space Week!

Y2 biscuitsY2image

This week in Y6….

This week some of us have been doing bikeability which is where we have been learning how to ride our bikes safely on the roads. We all achieved a level 2 certificate and a badge. We have also been writing stories, What would you write a story about?

We have been learning about how to measure angles and how to use protractors, recognising angles in 2D shapes. We are also learning about diagonal lines. What is the angle that is in the middle of a square when you draw all the diagonals?

This week we have been doing work for the wall which includes river Nile work, farming in ancient Egypt and bar charts and line graphs of the weather in the Egyptian city of Aswan. London’s highest temperature a couple of years ago was the same as Aswan’s lowest temperature, WOW!

Class Assembly

Today we did a class performance on the Romans and it was a success.
We really enjoyed it and we hope to do more. We sang a song called just like a Roman.
Mr. Bottomley had it stuck in his head for at least a week. But we now know how to eat like a Roman, drink like a Roman, dress like a Roman, think like a Roman, build like a Roman, slay like a Roman and PARTY like a Roman!

iPhone Image 3BF34B iPhone Image 3BF35A iPhone Image 3BF38C iPhone Image 3BF3C4

Is there life on Mars?

Blake – A special type of water on Mars may make a special type of water creature and plant life.

Ellis – Inside Mars’ water there are tiny fish, much like the beginning of evolution on our planet. I think they will evolve into apes and one day become like us.

Isabelle – There might be some mysterious creatures and plants we don’t know of.

Matthew K – I think there may be radioactive bugs because there are no people on Mars who will harm them.

Katie – Underneath the planet there will be roots that get the water. A tube will lead the water to the surface.

Connell – I think apes because there is water so there must be plants, therefore they can eat and drink.

Joe – I think there are simple cells in the water and bacteria  and viruses.  I think we would be very poorly if we went to Mars.

Natasha – Cacti and desert creatures such as lizards because there is water for them to survive and the planet looks like a desert.

Jack – Cave men, because I think it is like that period on Earth.

Betsy – I think there are mini-beasts and sand creatures as there is a lot of space to walk round and there is lots of sand.

Oscar – Invisible aliens because we have never seen them and piranhas because there has been a sighting of water.

Grace – There are plants because of the water such as cacti, also moss, tiny fish and moles underground.

Freya – I think there are tiny human mermaids as there could be a special place where the moon rises over and turns the eggs into mermaids.

Harry – Komodo dragons and dinosaurs, as they like to live near water and are similar.

Jamie – There could be water monsters now!

School Clubs

School Clubs 

Clubs run 2019 – 2020

  • Netball
  • Cross Country
  • Multi Sports
  • Arts & Crafts
  • OACT
  • Millie’s Dance
  • Orieteering
  • Invasion Games
  • Football
  • Games


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We are really looking forward to visiting the new Royton Leisure Centre for our next swimming lesson.  We have been learning how to enter the water safely.  I wonder what we will be doing this week.