Autumn has arrived

After a really successful ‘World Space Week’ we are making our own solar system to go in our quadrangle. We are making planets to hang up and having been creating fact sheets for each planet. On Monday we went on an autumn walk and some mums and dads joined us. We had lots of fun exploring Tandle Hills looking for lots of things to bring home. We will be making autumn pictures and hedgehogs with Mrs Farthing. We have had a student join us this week. He is called Mr McGlinchy and will work in the EY unit on Mondays and Tuesdays.

2 thoughts on “Autumn has arrived”

  1. Well, what a messy week so far, this paper mâché gets everywhere!! Apologies to parents of children who’s lovely clean crisp uniform hasn’t quite made it home that way (we did wear aprons honest!) but we are having lots of fun making our planets.

    Ps. If any parents have any old tshirts we think these would be better than our aprons for our more ‘creative’ work, please hand them to any member of staff. Thank you.
    Mrs Farthing.


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