School Clubs

School Clubs Spring term 2

Monday before school Dance Club for Y3/4/5 with Millie

Monday after school Tag Rubgy for Y4/5/6 with Mr Jackson and Miss Burns

Tuesday after school Origami club for Y5/6 with Miss Marland 

Thursday after school Girls Netball club for Y4/5/6 with Mrs Grayson and Miss Turnbull

Thursday after school Science club with MAD SCIENCE and Miss Dunn (Last session 8th March)

Thursday after school Origami club Y3 with Miss Marland

Friday before school running club for KS2 with Mrs Grayson

Friday after school Reception Multi sports with Mr Jackson, Mrs Grayson and Miss Burns

Clubs run so far this year

 Y3/4 Gym club

 Origami club 

French club 

 Y5/6 Unihoc with Mr Jackson

Y1 and Y2 Multi sports clubs

 Y5/6 Fencing 

Y5 Drama club 

Y6 ‘I love musicals’ Club 

Y3/4 Dance club 


Clubs we ran last year:

Y3/4 Yoga Club 

Drama Club

Y4/5/6 Girls Netball club

KS2 Archery club 

Y1 gym club 

KS2 football clubs

Various Dance clubs

KS2 Running Club

Reception Multi skills 

Hockey for Year 3/4 

Tag Rugby for year 5/6 


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