School Clubs

School Clubs 

Clubs running all year 

Netball Club                            Thursday’s 3.20-4.15 Years 4,5,6 girls
Cross Country Club Friday’s 3.20-4.00 Years 3,4,5,6


Clubs running this half term                                           

Multi Sports Monday’s 3.20-4.15 Year 2 
Arts & Crafts Tuesday’s 3.20-4.10 Reception
OACT Tuesday’s 3.20-4.15 Years 3 & 4
Arts & Crafts Thursday’s 3.20-4.10 Year 3
Millie’s Dance Thursday’s 8am  Years 5 & 6 
Multi Sports Friday’s 3.20-4.15 Year 1

Clubs run last term

Orienteering Y3 and Y4

Invasion Games Y5 and Y6

 Football Y5/6 

 Art and Crafts with Year Y5 and Y6

Games Club with Y1 and Y2

Clubs run 2018-19





Art and craft clubs

 singing club 

KS1 PE(Games) club

RELAX kids

Dance/drama club 

OACT Football 

Cross country

Dance Club

Reception Multi Skills Club

Gardening Club 




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