School Clubs

The clubs for Summer term 1 are:

 Tuesday after school-Y2 athletics club with Mr Ferris

Tuesday after school-Y4 Drama club with Miss Marland

Wednesday after school- KS2 girls football club with Mr Lengden and Mr Bottomley

Thursday after school Girls Netball club for year 4/5/6 with Mrs Grayson

Friday before school-running club for years 4/5/6 with Mrs Grayson

Friday after school-Y1 athletics club with Mr Thompson

In addition to these, there are a number of lunchtime clubs for KS1 and KS2, covering activities such as chess, drawing, crafts and coding.

Other clubs we have run this year:

Y3/4 Yoga Club 

Y6 and Y5 Archery club 

Y1 gym club with Ms Heslop

KS2 Girls football club 

Y5/6 Dance with Millie

Y2 dance 

Reception Multi skills 

Hockey for Year 3/4 

Football for Year 3/4 (boys) and 5/6 

Tag Rugby for year 5/6 


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