In Year 6…

In our Ancient Egypt topic we have been learning about the pharaohs and their tombs. Did you know Tutankhamun was the youngest pharaoh in Ancient Egypt? He came to the throne at the age of nine and he finished his reign when he was at the age of eighteen! How long did he reign for?

In our class assembly we created a power point about fossils, evolution, ancient civilisations and ancient Egypt. We enjoyed performing to the parents, as we were the first class to do so.

We have been reading Clockwork by Phillip Pullman; can you guess what it was about? We have been creating a wanted poster; we have also tried to rewrite clockwork in a hundred words! Some people found it easy and some people found it tricky, why don’t you try it with your favourite book? In PE we have been doing orienteering (that’s where you have to find things using a map). We also tried to create our own Hakka, are you enjoying the rugby world cup? Come On England!

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  1. I love our history topic at the moment! Ancient Egypt has probably been my favourite thing we’re doing in Year 6 at the moment!! Thanks for chosing this topic Mrs Phillips.


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