Royton Leisure Centre

2nd October 2015


Today Faith, Kyle, Mrs Carey and myself went on a trip to the new Royton Leisure Centre. Just before playtime we started to walk into Royton. Kyle asked the receptionist if we could have a tour around the leisure centre. Derek our tour guide showed us the new exiting facilities available to the public including gym, pools, vending machines, changing rooms, first aid area and the spinning room.

I’m really looking forward to go to the Royton leisure centre because Derek said you can go on your own if you are over 8 years old. But you have to be over 14 to go in the gym.

After our tour we followed the map back to school just in time for dinner and it was ravioli, my favourite.

By Callum

6 thoughts on “Royton Leisure Centre”

  1. We had a great time! The children asked Derek some excellent questions and we all can’t wait to go for a swim in the new pool 🙂 Mrs Carey


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