World Space Week

By Noah and Evan

In year 2 we spent a week learning about space and the planets.

We made up rhymes to remember the names of the planets in the right order. The right order means the distance they are from the sun.

We made space biscuits. We had to design what our biscuit would look like by choosing a planet. We then made the biscuits and then decorated them the day after. Noah did Mercury. He used silver balls and grey icing. Evan did Earth. He used white icing, green icing and blue icing. After we had made the biscuits we evaluated them. Noah thinks that if he did the biscuits again he would do Mars because it has the highest hills in the universe and it is more colourful. Evan thinks that if he made his biscuit again he would make it look a bit more like a planet by putting less icing on. All the icing mixed together!

An interesting fact Evan learnt is that all the planets have moons. An interesting fact that Noah learnt is that Neptune has many storms.

The whole class enjoyed World Space Week!

Y2 biscuitsY2image

5 thoughts on “World Space Week”

  1. We all really enjoyed finding out about the planets. All of the planets don’t have moons. Can you find out which planets don’t have a moon?

  2. I really liked learning about space and making the space biscuits. I liked it that much that my mummy and daddy took me to Jodrell Bank space centre to learn more about space .

  3. Well done Year (2)
    Great science work!
    I always remember the planet order using the following mnemonic (memory verse) :
    My (Mercury) Very (Venus) Easy (Earth) Method (Mars) Just (Jupiter) Speeds (Saturn) Up (Uranus) Naming (Neptune) Planets (Pluto)
    Although some scientists say that pluto is not really a planet any longer!
    Mr Bennett


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