4 times-tables poem


Children knocking at the door,


Children have to wait,


Maths questions we try to solve,


I saw the queen,


I was naughty,


I was poor,


Never be too late,


Halloween is coming… BOO,


I like to mix,


My cousin is knotty,


We need four more,


Never be to late,



Football league news


Thorp’s amazing football team carried on with their impressive winning streak and were very happy with their 6-0 win against Stanley Road. The boys had a much tougher game second match but played amazingly and came out with a 1-0 win against Yew Tree. The boys, with their amazing one touch passing, managed to get around the defenders and the pitch with no problems. Thorps defenders were strong at the back, also Thorps wingers were up and down like yoyos. The midfielders were springing balls around passing left, right and centre. Then the Thorp keeper made some fantastic saves, keeping us in the match. Further up the pitch Thorp’s striker scored some outstanding goals and Thorp had won another two matches for their school.

This week…..

year 6c year 6b year 6

This week during business enterprise week, we have customised Christmas baubles to sell at the Christmas fair. Everyone enjoyed it because we got messy and it was both significant and unique to us as they were made using our own thumb-prints!

Half of the class were not able to complete the Bike- Ability course a month ago because of torrential rain. It almost became a swimming lesson this time as the wind and the rain whirled down on us, we still kept calm and carried on!

year 6d

Mason playing the guitar

Today I performed a song with my guitar in front of the school in assembly. At first I was extremely worried but as I progressed further into the song, I became more comfortable. Everything went to plan and I received a huge round of applause. The head-teacher and the secretary appeared curiously to see what was happening. Later in the day I was sent to Mr Bennett to collect a head-teacher’s certificate and a golden sticker (I was very proud).

The tune I played was called Pyro by the Kings of Leon. This is one of my favourite songs and I am also confident when I play it! Playing a musical instrument is very complicated at the start but once you have had a lot of practice you will improve and you will become more skilful. It takes a long time to become confident and I have been playing the guitar for 3 and a half years. I go for a private tutor every Friday in Oldham at a place called Muso’s and my teacher is called Christine! In the future my goal is to be able to fingerpick quickly and fluently. I also would like to be able to perform in front of many people without getting as nervous.




The children had a wonderful day celebrating USA day on Thursday 26th November, which was Thanksgiving Day for Americans. We all came to school wearing red, white and blue. Thank you to all the kitchen staff who made the wonderful lunch.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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The Great Year 4 Bake-off

We have been baking chocolate chip cookies in groups of 4, 5 and 6 today. We made it with flour, sugar butter, chocolate chips,coco powder. The cookie dough will be baked on Friday and sold on Saturday at the Christmas Fayre. By the way the cookies will 2 for a £1

Y4 Baking 3 Y4 baking 4 Y4 baking 5 y4 baking 6 y4 baking 7 Y4 baking Y4 baking2

Football League Report 19/11/15

Thorp Primary school’s excellent football team continued their momentum and their awesome winning streak. The league is close at the top with Thorp, Mills Hill, Hulme and Corpus Christie all battling it out for glory. This week Thorp had two tough matches against Mills Hill and Hulme, which are both in the top four. The results were narrow beating Mills Hill 2-1 and Hulme 1-0.
Thorp played with belief and didn’t let their heads go down at all. The work rate of the players was astounding, everybody working hard to maintain the lead. The defending was excellent and a double save from our goalkeeper kept us in the game. The boys played and continued trying until the goal finally came.
The boys are bursting with excitement for next week and all the boys are really positive. Thorp need to keep their brilliant attitude and keep respecting the opposition.