Art at Oldham Academy

We’ve been going to Oldham Academy for about 4 weeks per group of children and we are going to use photoshop to put picture on an old pipe from the organ from Manchester Cathedral. At the moment though we have been getting ideas including;

  • writing ‘Musical Manchester’ out of different instruments
  • Drawing the Manchester skyline using different instruments
  • Drawing pictures of different Manchester bands.

We have been really enjoying it, and improving our art skills


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1 thought on “Art at Oldham Academy”

  1. Year 5’s “Musical Manchester” project is part of a competition to paint the original wooden musical organ pipes from Manchester Cathedral. We are trying to represent themes from Manchester as part of our art work. The lucky winning school will have their work displayed at Manchester airport.
    Here’s hopingYear(5) and thank you to Miss Lockett at the Oldham Academy North for helping us with the project. Well done all Year (5) who have all been involved in the project at some stage.
    Mr Bennett


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