Written by Luke and Liam

This afternoon three fire fighters visited Year 6 and they did a brilliant presentation about how to be safe on bonfire night and also about anti-social behaviour. It was fascinating to learn about how dangerous it can be to play with fireworks. Also it is important not to hoax call the fire brigade because if you do there could be a dangerous fire happening at the same time and the fire brigade would not be able to attend quickly. It was quite amusing watching Charlotte dress up in the correct clothes for bonfire night!

charlotte 1 charlotte 2 charlotte 3 charlotte 4

2 thoughts on “4/11/15”

  1. Well done year (6) and Firewoman Charlotte!!
    Remember to always keep safe near bonfires, fireworks and matches and follow the “Firework code” see the link on our twitter page!
    If I was a firework I think I would be a Roman Candle!!
    Mr Bennett


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