Trip to the Co-operative Food Store

On the way to the co-operative food store we were walking in two’s, Emily and I were together. When we got there we all met Rob who was showing us around a bit of the food store. We all started at the fruit aisle. He talked about where the fruit came from and there were a lot of questions to ask as well.

Then we slowly walked to the vegetables aisle. He talked about the dates on them. Someone put their hand up and said ‘it was out of date yesterday’ but Rob said that if it had a fresh sign on it you could still eat it . If it’s tins or canned and wrapped it will go back to the warehouse.

Then we went to the meat aisle. He talked about which animal it came from. After that we were very hungry!

Then we went into the warehouse and got a cookie from the bakery. He told us one more thing about Fair Trade and then we came back.

By Scarlett and Emily

7 thoughts on “Trip to the Co-operative Food Store”

  1. Well done girls, it sounds like you found out lots of interesting things about food during your trip to the co-op! Did you enjoy your cookies?

    • we did have a fun time learning about fair trade. We learnt that fair trade is about helping farmers and workers to get enough money and so they can work in better conditions.

  2. Wonderful year (3) and thank you to the CooP Food Store and staff it is very much appreciated.
    Children, next time you go please could you let me know and you could do my “big shop” for me
    Mr Bennett
    (only kidding!)


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