Last week of Autumn term Y6

18th December 2015

This week has been very exciting. On Wednesday we had our Christmas party. We played games including corners, musical chairs, the chocolate knife and fork game and pass the parcel.  After the games we each had a chocolate bar, crisp , cake and a drink. We were delighted when we got back into class to find a selection box.

On Thursday it was the school Christmas dinner. We all enjoyed it. The best bit was the afters. We had a choice from mince pies, cake, shortbread or ice cream. I had a mince pie it was delicious.  Before the Christmas dinner ,we had a Christmas talent show. My favourite was the impressions  but I liked the singing as well.

Every pupil brought a toy or game to play with for our last Christmas at Thorp.

Wishing you a very Happy  Christmas from year 6.

y6 xmas

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