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Year 5 children have been making some amazing projects with their families all about World War 2 and then bringing them in and talking about them to the class. rations ethan year5 joe

Download (PPTX, 2.29MB)


This is my y5 ww2 project. I decided to make a spitfire and I made it with my granddad and dad I made it out of and I drew a spitfire and some wings on the foam and cut it out. Then I paper mached it. I got some paints and painted it. The AOL means my name. I used chocolate lolly sticks for the guns. I got an egg holder and some powder and mixed it with water and poured the powder into the egg holder and painted it black. Then I got 3 spoons and painted the spoons and stuck them all together and that’s how made my spitfire model

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    • Well done for noticing Seb, when we want to put powerpoint onto the website we have to use something called a ‘plug in’, and so they don’t end up looking exactly the same, I am not sure why! It is something to do with formatting I think.

      Miss Bowers


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