Thorp v Corpus Christie

Our goal keeper fingers skimmed the ball allowing the opposition to score and put them in the lead five minutes into the game. Our goal was a throw in and a header led to a volley into the top right corner of the net with only two minutes to go.  It was an amazing goal and we were very happy with a draw after losing for most of the game.

Reporting by Joel W

Christmas show

This performance was our last Christmas show at Thorp. We sang  Mary’s Boy Child and The Twelve Days of Christmas as well as making up our own class poem. We decided to put our own little twist on The Twelve Days Of Christmas such as having nine boys dressed up in tutus and dancing round and three children speaking French whilst pretending to be hens which all the parents found hilarious!  Some of the children were very nervous but the nine boys wearing tutus were extremely giddy. We had five people off sick so some  of us had to do multiple roles because if we hadn’t we would only have had six ladies dancing, two French hens and seven maids milking! The parents seemed to really enjoy the performance and they gave us a huge round of applause whilst still laughing!


By Charlie

Homelearning projects

Year 5 have been busy with their homework projects. Lots of us have been making models of Anderson shelters and Charlie made a model of a bombed out street. Blake made a gas mask with Oscar and we have also presented some of our own Powerpoints. We have loved doing this topic and learning about the Second World War.

y5 homelearning

G’day Australia

Year 4 got the opportunity as part of their topic ‘Around the World’ to speak to a Primary School Teacher in Australia. They had some great questions that put Miss Waters on the spot. The children found out about what a Tim Tam is and despite it nearly being Christmas the children in Australia are getting ready for their Summer holidays.

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Our Linking Schools Visit

We had a great time meeting our Pen pals at Freehold School.  We visited a Mosque and we learnt a lot about the Islamic faith.  When we got back to Freehold we did some sketching and we all drew around our hands and decorated them so that each school could have a wreath of hands to display.  Our wreath is displayed in the entrance hall and it looks great!  We played out with our new friends and then we watched them perform their Christmas songs. We can’t wait for them to visit us in June!

Y2 Freehold

Football league report 2/12/15

10 out of 10 for Thorp’s Football Team!

Another two wins for Thorp on Thursday night. This cements Thorp’s place at the top of the league with a perfect 10 wins from 10 games. We may have won are games 1-0 and 2-0 respectively but the children had to work very hard to get the results.

The first match of the night saw Thorp score with the final touch of the game to beat St Edwards 1-0. Jack was very happy to score just before final whistle.

A confident performance in match 2 against Christ Church resulted in a 2-0 win, with goals from Jack and Oscar.

Hopefully more good results to report next week.