Another victory for Thorp Primary

Our new kit looks amazing.

football kit

When we arrived at Chapel Road, we realized that Firwood Manor weren’t going to turn up so we automatically won the match 3-0. We stood in the rain waiting for our other match against St. Herbert’s. We agreed with their manager that we should play earlier than the league had organised to. The whistle blew for the start of the match straight away from our kick off Thorp was on the attack, when Mason won a free kick from about 15 yards out. Mason was the one who would be taking this free kick. He went for the shot, the ball went high over the wall and right into the top left corner, what a goal! A couple of minutes later Liam came out with the second goal, he was running down the right wing and from range he put his foot through it and lifted the ball across the keeper onto the bottom of the crossbar. It bounced off the other way and just over the line. The remaining minutes had many chances for Thorp but we unfortunately couldn’t put our chances away and the game ended at 2-0. So the defenders didn’t have too much to do apart from 2 tackles. So two more victory’s for Thorp yet again and we are still standing strong at the top of the league!

By Matthew D

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