On Thursday we had a fantastic time at The Castleshaw Centre. We looked at some animals which are not alive anymore but their bodies have been preserved. We also did a Science experiment to see which team could build a home to keep a hedgehog the warmest. The hedgehogs were only pretend and they were filled with hot water and Matt took the temperature of the water and the team that had the warmest water at the end was the winner. Team ‘Prickles’ won because they kept the water the warmest. After lunch we went on a walk and we saw a badger set. We also made boats out of a reed of grass and we dropped them off the bridge and we watched them go down the river. We hope that we will be able to visit Castleshaw again soon.Year 2

So proud of all of Year 1. They worked extremely hard preparing for the class assembly. What great polar explorers they have become!



Year 6 have had a busy week this week practicing our fractions for SATS. We have also been learning about Royton in the past. We are all very excited to go to Robinwood next week but we are also very sad. Mrs Hall our amazing teaching assistant is unfortunately leaving Thorp. We will all miss her but we all wish her good luck.


Just before half term the juniors did some dancing with Millie Cunliffe. We did dancing to do with musicals and year 5 did a dance to the hand jive in the musical Grease. It was really fun! At the end of the day the juniors showed the school their dance that they had been working on. Thanks Millie.

The hunters and the hunted

The week before half term on a Friday, a group in our guided reading session performed a show in front of the rest of Year 5. We were reading descriptions from Roald Dahl stories and performed ‘The Hunters and the Hunted,’ a piece from The Magic Finger. Many of the others enjoyed watching while we liked sharing what we had practised. What a fun school to learn at!

By guided reading group 4

Centre of gravity

We have done an experiment about finding the centre of gravity. We tried to find it by balancing a ruler on a pencil. When it was perfectly balanced we knew we had found it.

By Sebastian 


In year 5 we have been learning about decimals and we played a game where we got a pack of number  cards and then drew a card for tenths, hundredths and thousandths. With a partner, the aim of the game was to see who could get the highest decimal fraction with 3 decimal places. It was a lot of fun.

By Katie

Linking schools project trip

Yesterday we went on a trip to Mahdlo and the Oldham Coliseum. We went there with Freehold. There was a massive rock wall and we played dodge ball. You had to run to get a ball from the middle and then take it back. You had to find out who was the doctor. That is who has to touch anyone in there team if they were out. There was dance were we played different games. Something else there was, was the art section were we drew all over a piece of paper and coloured it in. As well we went to the Oldham Coliseum and did some acting and half of us started with acting out the first part of Mother Goose the pantomime and the other half found out about Stage Directions and looking at the model sets. Then we swapped over and at the end we performed Mother Goose. Who are we? GEESE ARMY!!!

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