Manchester Cathedral

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On the 8th of February 2016 we went to Manchester Cathedral for the judging of our pipes. When we arrived we had a look at all of the entries. They were amazing! There were about 16 other schools that entered. All the schools were spilt into A group B group and C group. We were in B group and we got to do loads of activities like designing our own glass windows and dress up as a bishop and a shepherd.

We did some singing and to warm up our voices we sang me mee my mo moo and then we sang be still for the presence of the lord.

We looked at how an organ works and how the pipes are created and react to the way you press a keyboard they have different sound depending on size they have imperial measures and contain 3 layers of keys and strings at the bottom. You can make it sound like many different instruments and have a pedal for your choice.

For our last activity we did carving, dress up, and drawing a stained window.

For food we had a buffet of lovely food there was sandwiches fruit cake and crisps and orange juice I had 2 mountains of crisp 4 muffins 2 cranberry and chicken sandwiches and pineapple and melons.

Adam, Blake and Isabella

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5 thoughts on “Manchester Cathedral”

  1. Well done Y5 on your entry into the “Paint a Pipe” and “Musical Manchester” competition with Manchester Cathedral
    Miss Lockley from Oldham Academy North and myself thought your art work was amazing
    I am looking forward to seeing our pipe work on display at Manchester airport (near the tram terminus) hopefully after Easter!
    Mr Bennett


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