Bug Hotel

year 2 bug

Thank you Mr. Bottomley for our Bug Hotel, it was very kind of you to make it for us and we really appreciate it.

From Year 2.

PS. If any families are feeling creative and you would like to make a Bug Hotel please feel free, all Hotels will be gratefully received.


Year 1 have been planting sun flower and cress seeds. We put some of them in the light and gave them water. The others went in the cupboard with no water. The seeds in the light are growing tall but the seeds in the cupboard are not growing.


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We have written instructions to tell you how to grow a sun flower. We put a title at the top of our work. Then we made a list of all the things we need. Next we used time adverbials to write the instructions.

year 1e

By Anastasia

Fruit Kebabs

On Wednesday afternoon we had a fantastic time making topical fruit kebabs. We got to try lots of different fruits and then we chose our favourites for our kebab. We even made Mr. Bennett a kebab too and he thought that it was delicious.Year2 year22