13 thoughts on “Thank you Miss Iftikhar”

  1. I want Mrs Iftikhar back but sadly she moved school . Thank you for helping me on my first day. Your my favourite teacher even though you have left thorp.

  2. Thank you year 4 for being so brilliant and a joy to work with!! 😊
    I am going to miss you all very much, and I will come back to visit you soon.
    Keep working hard!
    Lots of love from Miss Iftikhar xx

  3. we all had to say good bye to miss iftikhar she was such a help to year 4 good luck to her and she was my best teacher I will miss her loads and loads goodbye


    • I really can’t wait to see you again don’t tell Mr.B but you are the best teacher in the world(That I know of)

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