Viking god

viking god viking god 2

We are writing Viking myths in literacy and I made a Lego version of Mr Bottomley’s Viking god by picking different Lego pieces and making his God. His God is called Fjortoff.

By Thomas


In science, year 6 have been learning about pulleys. We split into groups of 3 and made our own pulleys. I worked with Callum and Kyle. The boys and I made our own pulleys with special materials. We did a test and we were surprised it worked.


Viking Long boat

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Mr.Bottomley asked us to make a Viking long boat. Then I went home to make it . That weekend I bought some lollipop sticks and started making the sides and put it together. After that I made the curves. After that I painted it and left it to dry . Then I made the sail and the flag and I glued it on lots of wood. Then my Dad made the dragon. It took me two days but I loved doing it.