Striders Walk In The Wild 2016

All this week year 5 and some other classes have been taking part in the Striders Walk in the Wild. We have been trying to walk all the way or part of the way to school. Everyone has a diary to fill in everyday that IS full of different tasks and facts. Year 5 are taking part in this to keep fit and mostly notice all the nature around us that we would usually not see. If we complete the task we will receive a special prize. So far, everyone is doing great and we are all enjoying it!




In science we have been looking at what substances will dissolve when you mix it with water for example salt, sugar and instant coffee were all soluble. Soluble means that it looks like it has disappeared. Insoluble means the opposite of soluble. It means it either sinks to the bottom of the cup or it floats at the top of the cup. Flour, glitter and sand were all insoluble.


IMG_0741 IMG_0746


Commando Joe

The juniors in Thorp School have been with Commando Joe and he has been a lot of fun. He does lots of fun courses. He brings in an obstacle course or an inflatable course. When Commando Joe comes in it is all about team work and listening to each other and communicating, not shouting at each other all the time. We all really enjoyed having him at our school.


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Ice Cream!

On Tuesday we made vanilla ice-cream.

We had a great time making it and most of us really liked the taste of it.  Some of us want to make it at home for our family and friends and we hope that they enjoy it as much as we did!


icecream icecream2 icecream3


Thomas was inspired by the recent art work in class and went home and drew a caricature of me. I think it is amazing. People will be paying good money for your artwork in the future.

Mr Bottomley

iPhone Image 69B671

Growing plants

Mr Morris has inspired me to grow my own plants at home and school. Just have a look at what I have grown. My favourite plant is the cactus and the Venus Fly Trap.

From Mitchell.

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I made a Viking shield at my grandma’s house we had to get the right wood for the middle of the shield and we used a cool machine to get a Circular shape we used spray paint to colour it in.

iPhone Image 5F83DB



On Thursday 12th May, Thorp netball team played a home match against Royton Hall. It was their second match and Thorp’s fourth match. Who do you think won?

Thorp took a great start to the game and got a few early goals from Isabelle. There was some great defending from Charlotte, but a few passes were wasted. The Royton Hall girls showed great determination and managed to get a few goals. Thorp took a strong lead by the second third. Mrs Grayson made some changes for the last third and gave the Thorp girls a chance to play in new positions. In the last third Royton Hall pulled some more goals back and Jamie scored one more.

The final score was 13-6 and another victory for Thorp.

Mrs Grayson would like to say a huge well done to all the girls in Year 5 who played their first match last night.

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In Year 4, we have created a Kindness Window. We have all wrote positive comments about each other and displayed them outside the classroom. We hope that it puts a smile on people’s faces. iPhone Image 58AA8A