In science we have been looking at what substances will dissolve when you mix it with water for example salt, sugar and instant coffee were all soluble. Soluble means that it looks like it has disappeared. Insoluble means the opposite of soluble. It means it either sinks to the bottom of the cup or it floats at the top of the cup. Flour, glitter and sand were all insoluble.


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  1. Having a great time in NZ made lots of new friends and settled in well hope you are ok spoke to a couple of people and I am missing you all. The house we are getting is very nice and the school is very nice to it has a slide and you can see over the school into the has a very big swimming pool and there is no uniform that is great.😎😎😎😀

    • Hi Connell,
      We are now in year 6, we really needed you today because there was a really hard maths question. We are very jealous of the swimming pool and the fact you don’t have to wear school uniform.

    • Yes, hi Connell, I hope your having a good time in NZ! I am glad you’re having a good time! 🙂 It is nice over here in Oldham the days seem forever in school but it is fun being in year 6. 😀

      -Barney 😉


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