School trip

On Wednesday 22nd June we visited the seaside at Lytham St. Annes.  We visited the RSPB Fairhaven Lake.  We walked to the beach and we had great fun running down the sand dunes.  We worked together to build sandcastles and it was really fun. At lunchtime we had a picnic and the best part of lunch was that we got to have an ice-cream.  After that we went on a mini-beast hunt and then we returned back to school.  We had a fantastic time and we all want to go again!

Year 2

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22 thoughts on “School trip”

  1. I really enjoyed our trip! Especially when we ran down the hill and had ice-cream! I also liked the mini-beast hunt! It was so much fun!

  2. I loved the trip to Lytham, it was the best trip ever! The best thing was eating the ice-creams and building the sandcastles. I wish we could go again!!!

  3. I really enjoyed being at the seaside and I’m going again over the summer and will write about it for my home-learning challenge.


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