Summer Show 2016 – UK by Year 6

Year 6 represented England and sang some great songs including: their own versions of  history and never forget you. They also did sing. The adults needed lots of tissues because this was sad and funny at the same time. So hold on to your seats because you are about be blown away by the amazing y6.



Summer Show 2016 – Spain by Nursery and Reception

In this performance Spain was fantastic. They danced to the Macarena like professionals before doing the all famous chi- chi- wa. All the parents seemed to absolutely love the whole thing; so did the children. They all looked great in red and yellow, representing their country in style!



Summer Show 2016 – Ireland by Year 5

The Irish performance was incredulously feet-tapping and made everyone feel a sudden urge to stand up and join in with the extremely difficult river dance which was executed perfectly by year 5. Even the professionals couldn’t have matched that exemplary performance. They sang Hall Of Fame so beautifully that it quite comfortably deserved a place in the Hall Of Fame itself. The audience thoroughly adored and enjoyed every single moment of this extravagant performance. Here is Year 5’s act and I guarantee you that your mind will be blown by this splendid performance.

By Luke

Summer Show 2016 – Brazil by Year 1

Next was Year one singing their Brazilian inspired songs. Although they aren’t technically part of Europe, their great enthusiasm and amazing sense of style was all that well and truly mattered. Anyway, prepare to be blown away by their super samba skills and breathe taking singing skills.

By Sadie

we are leaving

Years 6 are leaving this week but we have rewarded them with a school disco and a trip to bowling and the cinema, which they seem to enjoy. Lots of children got upset after the songs brought tears to eyes of the audience. The year 6s are very upset to be going separate ways, but hopefully will cross paths when they’re older.


Leaving primary school is a very sad thing to go through but it’s also a time to be excited to have a fresh start. We have to leave our friends but make new ones at the same time and to show our new teachers a good impression of what we can do and how we do it. We are going to a new school but memories will still stay in our minds forever.


Moving to secondary school

Worries and excitement

The time has come for me to move to Secondary School, despite being extremely nervous, the excitement covers all of my worries and I am free to look on the bright side of things. I am going to a different school to everyone else so I may never see them again, at least not like I do now. I’m not so worried about losing my friends even though I would like to keep in touch with a few of them but I was born to make new friends.

Leaving primary

There has always been a river I couldn’t cross, at least by myself but I’ve had all the help I’ve needed some people said it’s too hard but no one said it would be easy. We all achieved so much at Thorp that they will not be able to forget us. If we haven’t learnt anything else we’ve learnt that we should never give up no matter how big the river we have to cross may be.


Moving to secondary school

I am very nervous about moving to secondary school; also I am very excited at the same time! I am excited about meeting new friends and getting to move classroom after every lesson. The things that I’m worried about is getting lost also it is being bullied.

I will really miss primary school because in secondary the rules are a lot stricter and the work is a lot harder as well as that I will miss all my friends playing around in the playground!


By Lucas