Leaving Thorp

I am really looking forward to secondary school. Of course I will miss being in a class with all my friends but I will make new ones. My biggest fear is getting bullied and getting lost but I’m sure that I will be fine. I will hopefully make some new friends and luckily I already have one in my form. My teacher seems friendly too!

By Charlie


Leaving primary school is a very hard thing to do. Yes, there will be tears but it’s normal. I am nervous but excited about moving up to secondary but I know I’ll be fine. I’ll miss my friends that are going to separate schools than me but I know one day we’d cross paths again and meet up. To anybody that’s reading this, don’t get nervous about leaving primary up to secondary because you’ll be absolutely fine.

From Niah

End of year 6

The past eight years at thorp have flown so fast. It has been one of the best journeys that each and every one of us has enjoyed, from day one to right now. Every teacher that we have ever had has made our time at Thorp worth every second. So that is why it is so difficult to say goodbye but most importantly a massive thank you! Leaving our friends is especially hard as some of us are going to different schools, and we are all wishing everybody good luck for their new secondary schools and we all hope for them to make many new friends. So for one last time thank you and goodbye to the one and only Thorp Primary School.


Summer Show 2016 – France by Year 3

For their entry to the Thorpovision song contest, Year 3 certainly set a very high standard. With their French inspired songs, they set the show off with a bang. They have shown that France has a lot to offer. In this clip you can see that they stole the show. It looked like they worked very hard to learn the nursery rhymes in French thanks to Mrs Shaw, their Year 3 teacher who unfortunately is leaving but many thanks for that great performance.

By Ruby

Summer Show 2016 – Introduction by Year 6

For the first time ever Thorp have hosted their very own Eurovision song contest. There were seven countries competing, ranging from the crystal clear waters of Spain, to the dense, dark Amazonian rainforests of Brazil.


YEAR 1-Brazil

YEAR 2-Sweden

YEAR 3-France


YEAR 5-Ireland


Zumba Club

Our zumba club was very popular and energetic, and the school enjoyed watching their performances in a special assembly.



Arts Award

Arts Award

Congratulations to all children in Year 3 who have received their Arts Award certificate. You have all worked really hard with Mrs Murphy from the Music Service to achieve this certificate.


Zumba club

Over the last few weeks, we have been involved in a before school Zumba club. We have learnt two dances and got to perform in front of the whole school. We really enjoyed working with Sharon.

by Willow and Isla

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The y4 Thorp football team went to Freehold school and won 5-0. Robbie got man of the match for an amazing performance in defence as well as a super goal. Jack scored a perfect hat trick (a header, a right foot shot and a left foot shot). Liam got our 5th goal. It was nice to see Freehold again as we have worked with them throughout the year.