A Year 5 boys team went to Failsworth to play a football tournament. It was really fun. We played 4 matches and we won all of them. The teams were; St Josephs, High Failsworth b, High Failsworth a, St Margret’s and Thorp. We also won the tournament.  We were so happy.


Busy times in Y6

Last week we did a year 6 assembly about some of the topics that we have been studying this half term. Here are some examples of what we did. Ian Bland came in and taught us about poetry which inspired us to perform a selection of his and our own poems. Adam , Freya and Oscar did a funny love poem!

This week Freddy Fit came into school and did some sports and exercises with all of the children from nursery to year 6. We worked with year 5 , we played hula hooping to see if we could beat our score each time. We had a lot of fun but we were very tired at the end of the session!

We recently finished a book called Clockwork by Philip Pullman and spent the past week writing our own story.

We are looking forward to our residential trip to Robinwood in just 2 days!  We will be pushing ourselves to the limits and seeing how brave and fearless we really are . Year 6 will blog when we get back and tell you all about all the fun activities that we have done at Robinwood.

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Natural Materials

Last week we went on a walk around the school grounds to look for natural materials. We then worked in groups of three to produce some artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, who is an environmental artist. It was really fun! Mrs Pollitt loved them all so Mrs Woodhead judged them and she also liked all of them but she had to choose one so Jayden, Heidi and Henry got a dip in the treasure chest for theirs.

img_2952 img_2953

National poetry day


The Grasshoppers guided reading group read a fantastic poem today. We all enjoyed it and had a discussion about what it could be. Why don’t you read it?

Alana, Reece, Phoebe, Alfie, Alfie, Holly and Jude


National Poetry Day

In Year 4 we have been creating some Puzzle Poems as part of National Poetry Day. Can you work out who our poems are about?

By Erin and Alicia

131 133 135 137


Cross Country running

on Saturday 1st October the first cross country event of the school year took part. MrBennett & Mrs Graysn were delights at how many families turned up to take part and support. We even had 3 children take part in the KS1 event. Overall everyone did well and we have made a great start to the year. A special well done to Blake and Scarlett who came second in their events, and to Millie who came third.

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Previous Clubs at school

Last academic year (2015-16) the clubs we have run have been:

Tuesday after school-Rounders for Years 5/6 with Miss Heslop

Wednesday morning before school Years 3/4 Zumba with Sharon Oakley

Wednesday after school- Cricket for Years 3/4 with Mr Lengden and Mr Bottomley

Thursday after school-Netball for Year 5 and 6 girls with Mrs Grayson

Friday after school-Athletics for Years 3/4 with Miss Heslop

Oldham School’s cross country races. the club is run at lunchtimes on the week preceding the next race, and is available to all children in key stage 2.

cricket for year 5/6 with Mr Bottomley and Mr Lengden

gym for Year 1 with Miss Heslop

football for year 2 with Miss Heslop

Dance Club for year 5/6 with Millie Cuncliffe

Gymnastics for Year 3/4 children and year 2 with Ms Heslop

football skills for year 1 children with Ms Heslop

Rock and Roll Dancing  for Year 5/6 children with Ms Heslop

Sports club for Year 1 and Sports club for Year 2 with Miss Heslop

yoga for years 3,4 5 and 6 with Miss Heslop

football for Key Stage 2 girls with Mr Bottomley and Mr Lengden

Football for key stage 2 boys with Mr Bottomley and Mr Lengden

Art club for year 3 with Miss Marland