Busy times in Y6

Last week we did a year 6 assembly about some of the topics that we have been studying this half term. Here are some examples of what we did. Ian Bland came in and taught us about poetry which inspired us to perform a selection of his and our own poems. Adam , Freya and Oscar did a funny love poem!

This week Freddy Fit came into school and did some sports and exercises with all of the children from nursery to year 6. We worked with year 5 , we played hula hooping to see if we could beat our score each time. We had a lot of fun but we were very tired at the end of the session!

We recently finished a book called Clockwork by Philip Pullman and spent the past week writing our own story.

We are looking forward to our residential trip to Robinwood in just 2 days!  We will be pushing ourselves to the limits and seeing how brave and fearless we really are . Year 6 will blog when we get back and tell you all about all the fun activities that we have done at Robinwood.

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