Firefighters visit

On Monday the 7th of November the fire brigade came in to speak to year 6. First they introduced themselves to us and then we watched a video about bonfire night. The video was based on a true story. It was about a boy who was severely injured by a bonfire due to peer pressure. He went near the fire and a few naughty children threw in an aerosol. We answered some questions about the video and moved on. Next we had a look at what uniform they wear. Roan dressed up as a fireman, there were so many different pieces of clothing, and this is because you donโ€™t want any part of your body to get injured. They then introduced stop, drop and roll Blake and Roan had a go at this. We learnt a lot and enjoyed their visit.

We are enjoying the non-uniform days coming up to the Christmas fair. We are really excited to make our mystery item for the fair as well.

y6-firemen-nov-2016-002 y6-firemen-nov-2016-005



8 thoughts on “Firefighters visit”

  1. I am glad that you enjoyed it when the Firefighters visited and that you learnt a lot.
    Also your mystery item for the Christmas Fair sounds interesting!

  2. When the fire fighters came in it was very fun and informative .We all really enjoyed it, and we now know the real dangers from fire . I personally enjoyed when Roan dressed up as a fire man and him and Blake had to drop cover and roll it was quite funny.


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