The snowman

On Monday 5th December Year 3 went to the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham. We went to see a performance of the Snowman with areal live orchestra doing the music. There were lots of other schools watching it too. When we got there we found our seats and sat down. Then we listened to the orchestra playing the Nutcracker music. After the orchestra had played the Nutcracker someone dressed up as a large snowman came out and danced around the hall. Next we watched the Snowman film and listened to the music. Whilst we listened there was a little girl singing Walking in the Air. We loved the little girl’s voice. Year 3 really enjoyed the performance and we would like to go again.

7 thoughts on “The snowman”

  1. Well done Y3….it sounds like you had a super time and you got to see an orchestra and a snowman at the same time…… wonderful!
    I will have to watch The Snowman on television in the holidays………it’s one of my favourites
    Mr Bennett

  2. I thought that The Snowman trip was brilliant. I really liked it when the orchestra was introduced and liked listening to them play. The girl who sang was amazing.


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