Regional Science Centre Visit

This morning we all went to the Regional Science Centre in Oldham as part of our Science topic on digestion.  We did an experiment about the digestive system.  We used a banana and two digestive biscuits and we mushed them together with saliva (really it was water).  Next we put it into a bag and then we added some acid (really it was orange juice).  Then we churned it in our hands and then we cut a corner of the bag and squeezed it into some tights (small intestine).  After that we cut the knot on the tights and then we squeezed it into a cup.  Then we put a small hole in the cup and we placed another cup inside it.  When we pressed the other cup the remaining contents came out.  (We’ll leave it to your imagination as to what that could have represented!)

We all had a fantastic time and we can’t wait for next week when we will be learning about teeth and making tooth paste.

Year 4

17 thoughts on “Regional Science Centre Visit”

  1. I had a great time at the Science Centre and I loved the experiment. I think that you should all repeat the experiment at home to show off your learning!

  2. I had a great time at the regional science centre it was so exiting and my best bit was making the food burn down in the acid part of you’re stomach we had to squeeze orange juice into the bag and my partner really enjoyed to but some of was dirty

  3. It was very interesting and fun to see what actually happens in our body’s and the journey it goes on . Thanks to all the Adults for letting us go .


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