On Wednesday we were looking closely at the autumn leaves using the magnifying glasses. We then carefully used pencil and felt tip to do some fantastic line drawings of the leaves in our sketch books.


We have started looking at instructional texts in English.  We looked at the features as we read which will help us to write our own texts in the coming weeks.

Today we followed some simple instructions on how to make a picture puzzle.  It wasn’t as easy as we thought!


More maths

In maths we have been reasoning with numbers.  We had the digit cards 0 – 9 and had to make different number sentences using the cards only once.  It was tricky not repeating ourselves but lots of fun!


In maths we had to match the number sentence to the correct picture and explain why.  Then we had to fill in the missing numbers.

Horton Mill Visit

On Thursday 19th October we had a visit from the Year 2 Horton Mill class and we loved it. It gave us all the chance to do some fun activities and make some new friends.

In the morning we had a sports coach come in and we did some fun ball activities. We had to work in teams to complete lots of different challenges. In the afternoon we paired up with someone from Horton Mill so we could find out all about each other and fill in our ‘All About Us’ work sheets.

We really enjoyed it and cannot wait to see our new friends again!


We have had a great afternoon completing our art projects on Mosaics. We are all very happy with the way they have turned out and we will be able to take them home soon.

Linking Schools Project

We had a great day meeting our new friends at Horton Mill School.  We did lots of fun activities throughout the day.  First we got to know each other and then we played Scatter Ball and Football.  We also made a passport all about ourselves and then we swapped them with one of our friends at Horton Mill.  In the afternoon we sketched portraits of each other and we finished of the afternoon by singing.  We all had a fantastic time and we can’t wait to meet our new friends again.


Year 4

Class assembly

On Thursday the 12th of October Year 3 had a class assembly all the parents and family came to watch it.  It was all about pirates and our two trips Castleshaw and Saddleworth Museum and French. It was the first assembly this year  and it was fun and it was happy and we sang a French song. We practised this assembly and we wrote letters for are parents to come and watch it. They took photos at the end of the end of the assembly.


Today we all brought our teddies in for story time.  We snuggled up in the reading corner and enjoyed some old favourites.  We all loved it!



On Monday 9th October Year 2 went on the Gruffalo Trail at Chadderton Park.

We had three tasks we had to do throughout the day. Our first task was to make a picture of the Gruffalo using things we could find in the park, like leaves, twigs and flowers.

Next we had to make a den like the log pile house the snake lives in, we used string and plastic sheets to make our dens.

For the last activity we were blindfolded and had to make our way round a track with the help of our friend. Once all the tasks were completed we managed to find the Gruffalo and we all had a picture with him. We had a really great day!