On Friday 29th September 2017 all of year 3 went to Castleshaw. Mrs Tomlinson, Mrs Wood , Mrs Brown and Mrs Ashiq came with us on the school trip. We learnt about map work there. We got given a map and there were letters on cones and we had to follow the directions on the map and on the way we had to write the letters down. And then we had a big map and we had go and find some words. Then it was lunch we had to eat inside because it was raining. Then after lunch we did some more activities about maps and then sadly we had to go back to school. The teacher at Castleshaw was called Rod he was in charge of what to do. All of the year 3 children enjoyed Castleshaw. And we all said a special thank you to Rod.

2 thoughts on “Castleshaw”

  1. You are so lucky year 3 sounds like you really enjoyed yourself despite how terrible the weather was. Our class have met Rod, he really makes the activities fun and interesting.

  2. I really liked castleshaw because we did loads of map work and we had to be partners with one of our friends and find some words and write the word on a piece of paper to show that we had found them


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