We had an absolutely fantastic time at Castleshaw on Friday.  We spent some time in the classroom talking about the Romans and looking at artefacts.  Aster that we went outside and dressed as Roman soldiers, we also learnt some Roman words.  We marched around and then we went into formations and we even had a little battle.  In the afternoon we went to the remains of a Roman Fort, where we did orienteering and a treasure hunt.  We all had a brilliant time and we hope that we can go again.



5 thoughts on “Castleshaw”

  1. Castleshaw was really fun because we got to dress up as Romans and learn lots of facts, we even got to see what Romans used compared what we use today.

  2. What a brilliant day we had! The whole class behaved brilliantly and I was really impressed with everyone’s behaviour, you are all a credit to the school! It was also great to hear, Rod (our teacher for the day) commenting on what a great class you are. Keep up the good work!

  3. Year 4, you really are a credit to the school. It looks like you had a brilliant time at Castleshaw, especially when you marched like Roman soldiers.


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