This week in Maths we have been learning how to divide. We used lots of different apparatus to help us with this. We looked at number families and the relationship they have with each other, this helps us when problem solving.


Year 1 Readers

Year 1 have had lots of success in guided reading this week. Every day the groups complete a different activity related to their weekly book. We are reading some difficult texts now. Our teachers are really proud.

World War 2 Videos










Lost and Found

Year 1 have been reading the book “Lost and Found”. We have been getting into character using the ipads and then writing some fantastic speech bubbles. It has been lots of fun pretending to be the characters from the story.




Mad science

In Mad Science you learn all about science like on our first week we learnt about toys and their kinetic energy. We played and learnt about toy cars, Jacobs’s ladder, a Slinkey, a Jack in a box and bouncy balls. It is really fun at Mad Science and you get a free toy every week like on the first week you got a yo-yo. We also learnt about force with the bouncy balls. Everybody is excited about it and we all will be sad when Mad Science club is over.

By Noah

Happy New Year Everyone

2018 is probably the most important year for us so far because we are all going to leave Thorp in July and go to our secondary schools. We are going to make the most of the year because some of us might not see each other once we are at secondary school and we are going to make it a year to remember. We have also got our SATs which we are already practising for. Even though this year is going to be hard, we are going to have some fun as well because on Monday 15th January, in the morning we are going to The Regional Science Centre to learn about evolution and inheritance and in the afternoon we are going for a walk around Royton to learn about its history. We are also going to be doing Freddie Fit and world book day.  We are going to have a great year and we hope that you do too.

Year 6

Written by Molly


This half term we are focusing on the Ancient Greeks and we are reading the book ‘Who let the Gods Out?’ by Maz Evans. As part of our English work, we are going to be writing our own legend story, as we have been studying the Legend of the Trojan Horse.

I would love to hear who you believe is a legendary person. This  person could be alive or be somebody that has passed away.

Who are you going to choose? Why?

Mr Bottomley


This week in history we were finishing of our work on how things have changed in living memory.  We had lots of fun exploring different telephones and how they work.  We used the internet to research how really old telephones looked too. We couldn’t believe how much they have changed.


In maths we have been looking at numbers 11 to 20 and how we can make them using tens and ones.