In science we have started to investigate everyday materials. We have looked around the classroom to see if we could find objects made from materials such as wood, plastic, glass, stone, fabric. We got off to a great start identifying lots of items and the materials they were made from.

I wonder if they can carry on their search for items made of different materials at home?

Coming next

Year six are excited for after the half term because we have all worked hard the throughout this term and for a treat we are going to North Chadderton school to watch their performance of Grease. We are also looking forward to upcoming events such as Freddy Fit, World Book Day and other trips.

By Katie and Gabby

Life Ed Bus

On Tuesday, y6 went on the life bus which is where you learn all about different skills in life and we focused on drugs and decisions. First we did a quiz about the human body and how it works. After that, we had a discussion about legal and illegal drugs and medicine and talked about different features on medicine bottles. Finally we watched a video which had a group of boys in their friends’ house and two of them were trying to persuade an innocent boy to drink alcohol. Right at the end we saw Harold the giraffe and discussed what we learnt.

Everybody really enjoyed the life bus. Thank you Rachel.

By Ruby F and Ruby W


Year 2 have been working on structures in DT based on their shape work in Maths. They have been building their own versions of old St Paul’s which burned down during the Great Fire of London. The bonus is we get to eat the marshmallows after!

Be Good to Ourselves day

We all had a good day today.  It started with us singing in the hall to some of our parents to open their mental health workshop with the charity ‘Mind’.  We then had a lesson on mental health too.  We discussed our emotions, did some breathing exercises and we know it sounds funny but we had to laugh a lot too.  We then made a sunflower and on each petal we wrote about what we are good at and why we are special.  We have taken our sunflowers home to put up in our rooms so that we can remind ourselves just how special and unique we are.

Year 4

Violin blog

By Brooke

This term we have been using our bows properly. Mr Lord has been showing us how to hold it correctly on the right string. To hold our bow we need to put our thumb on the bottom of the bow, curve three fingers around the top of the bow and then finally we put our pinky left on the end of the bow. Most of my class say they have improved the bow hold.


A couple of weeks ago we learnt how to pluck and now we are learning a piece of music called Can Can which has one half plucking and other half has bowing.


My favourite piece of music is Circle Madness but only the slow version because the fast version gets me muddled up!

Life Ed Bus

This week, we have had the opportunity to go in the Life Education Bus . We learnt the affects of drugs and alcohol and we also discussed about emotions and friendship .

By Maddison and Jack P

We all had a fantastic time today at Gallery Oldham.  Our morning started with a pattern and print workshop.  We became pattern detectives by looking closely at artwork and recreating it in our sketch books and then we used our patterns to make a tile for printing.  We then printed our design onto fabric.  They all look brilliant; we are really pleased with them. After lunch we had a self guided tour of the Gallery, it was very interesting.


This week Year 1 used pva glue and cold coloured paper to make these wonderful paper sculptures. There was a lot of mess to clear up afterwards though.