We all had a fantastic time today at Gallery Oldham.  Our morning started with a pattern and print workshop.  We became pattern detectives by looking closely at artwork and recreating it in our sketch books and then we used our patterns to make a tile for printing.  We then printed our design onto fabric.  They all look brilliant; we are really pleased with them. After lunch we had a self guided tour of the Gallery, it was very interesting.

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  1. What a fantastic day we all had!
    Once again you all behaved perfectly and this was noticed by the staff at the gallery. I’ve received an email saying how impressed with you they were and that we are all welcome to visit again any time.

  2. I thought that the trip to gallery Oldham was amazing. I enjoyed being a pattern detective and looking at the stuffed owls. 👍👌

  3. It was really good and fun at gallery Oldham.We got to see new things there it was really really interesting there.😀😄😬😁😃☺️👩🏼


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