Today we had United Utilities in our class to talk about the water cycle, how they clean water, water usage and safety in reservoirs. We did a lot of fun activities such as we had a quiz and for each correct answer we were given a card and then we had to order ourselves with little pictures cards of the water cycle. We also got handed a sheet to see how much water we use and Harry used the most water at home it was 280 ¼ litres and the least was Abbie’s with 28 ¾ litres of water used. We were told never to put a wet wipe down the toilet and not to put meat grease, fat and oil down the drain because it would make fat mountains in the sewers. We were also told that you can only put the four P’s down the toilet. We also got some water aid photos and a piece of paper and some questions about the pictures and we had to answer them. We would really like you to all think about how much water you use and to see if you can save water in any way.  We all came up with a promise about how we could save water. We all had a fantastic morning.

By Harry and Alfie BW

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