Time travel

For our time travel topic, year one have been researching the traditions of weddings over the decades.

We have researched Queen Elizabeth’s wedding and looked through photographs of the class’ relatives on their wedding day.  The children noticed some differences between the photographs and video clips of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding compared to Prince Harry’s wedding that took place last week.  The class noticed that photographs from the 1940’s were in black and white and the newlyweds did not smile. We also pretended to have our own wedding and completed a few traditions which still take place today, such as: throwing the bouquet, bridesmaids holding the bride’s train, throwing confetti and listening to organ music.

Thank you for bringing in your photographs the children enjoyed looking through them.

science centre

On Monday 21st May 2018 y3 went on a school trip to the Regional Science Centre. so what we did was we made some flowers boxes.And then we cut some tulips up and the teacher Miss Judge asked to look inside the flower.

At the end she did an experiment. What happened is she had a Bunsen burner, some matches, some liquid and a can. She put the can on the Bunsen burner with some liquid and the matches heated the can and she put the can in the water and the can got crushed.




We had fun this afternoon making our torches.  We were all very good at making the circuits but it was very tricky putting it into the toothpaste box, we had to have a lot of patience.  We are really pleased with the finished results.

Year 4