PE was lots of fun this week.  We did lots of running around and practised out throwing and catching accuracy.  Two of the children were awarded star of the lesson for their participation and effort.  Everyone had a great time!

Castleshaw ‘Romans Day’

Yesterday we went on a trip to Castleshaw for a ‘Romans’ Day. When we arrived we were greeted by Matt and he took us into the classroom and we had a lesson about the Romans. He was very impressed with our knowledge. After that we looked at some objects and we had to decide if they were from Roam times, could have been from Roman times or were definitely not Roman. Matt said that we did really well with this and we got them all correct. We then went outside to be Roman soldiers and we had a lot of fun. We marched around, made formations and we even had little battles. After lunch we went up to the Roman Fort to do some orienteering. During the activity we experienced torrential rain so we all made our way back to the centre, we all got very wet. Soon after that it was time to get back to school. We learnt a lot on this trip and everyone enjoyed the activities.





We had a very fun science lesson today, we were trying to find out if gases weigh anything.  We tested this by weighing a balloon and then we inflated the balloon and we weighed it again and it was 1g heavier.  We then investigated if carbon dioxide weighs anything.  Each group had a bottle of lemonade.  We weighed the bottle and recorded the weight.  After that we took it in turn to shake the bottle and we let it settle, we then opened the lid and allowed some of the gas to escape. We then weighed the bottle again and it was lighter.  Both of these investigations prove that gases do weigh something.

Year 4

Trip to Tesco’s

It was amazing going on the coach. We were so excited to go to Tesco. When we got to Tesco we did some work on fruit and vegetables. We worked on different types of cereal. Then we found out how many grams of sugar were in different cereals. Next year 3 went back upstairs to try some food. We tried sunflower seeds, prunes, pitta bread, carrot sticks and cucumber.

Then year 3 got back on the coach and arrived back at school.


First we did some music. We all got a violin and it was exciting. It was fun because we got to learn new things. Mr Lord gave us some important rules. We know each string of the violin and we learnt a song on the violin.  All year 3 did a warm up song and it was calm music.

Mr Lord showed us different ways to play the violin he was very good! You could even do high sounds and low sounds. He told us that his violin was 194 years old. He also told us that he had an even older violin. The bow we couldn’t use because we didn’t get up to that stage yet.

It was new to us all to try the violin but we tried are best we could. Year 3 loved playing the violin.


In English we have been reading funny Bones.  Today we put on our own skeleton masks and boarded the geography train to see who we could find to scare.  It was great fun!  Back in class we wrote about where we went and who we scared!


We have been learning about counting forwards and backwards in maths this week and describing what happens to the numbers.  We had lots of fun making the patterns with cubes and used these to find missing numbers in our counting.

Roman geography

We had a very interesting lesson today learning about which countries the Romans invaded.  We used an atlas to help us to identify the countries but it was quite a tricky task because back in Roman times some of the borders were different.

Year 4


We have been learning about partitioning in maths.  We have been partitioning different numbers in as many different ways as we can. We had lots of fun and we enjoyed the lesson.

Year Four