Castleshaw ‘Romans Day’

Yesterday we went on a trip to Castleshaw for a ‘Romans’ Day. When we arrived we were greeted by Matt and he took us into the classroom and we had a lesson about the Romans. He was very impressed with our knowledge. After that we looked at some objects and we had to decide if they were from Roam times, could have been from Roman times or were definitely not Roman. Matt said that we did really well with this and we got them all correct. We then went outside to be Roman soldiers and we had a lot of fun. We marched around, made formations and we even had little battles. After lunch we went up to the Roman Fort to do some orienteering. During the activity we experienced torrential rain so we all made our way back to the centre, we all got very wet. Soon after that it was time to get back to school. We learnt a lot on this trip and everyone enjoyed the activities.




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