WW2 broadcasting

In topic lessons, Y5 are looking at the events of WW2. On Friday we investigated what the Blackout was, why it was important and how the Blackout impacted everyday life for the public. We were tasked with creating a news broadcast to inform the public about what they must do to prepare their houses for the blackout. We know that television broadcasting was stopped until after the war therefore the public would not have had television broadcasts like the ones we made, however it was fun to pretend! We really enjoyed practicing and performing these broadcasts!


5 thoughts on “WW2 broadcasting”

  1. It was great to be involved in such a great lesson. I liked how Jude waved his hands about to get Noah’s attention and I also liked how Alfie’s
    instructions were very clear! Well done.

  2. Its looks like you all had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed hearing all about the war in your class assembly it was very interesting.


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