Lucy Gray

Today we had lots of fun exploring definitions of words from the poem that we are studying, which is called Lucy Gray or Solitude, written by William Wordsworth.  We were all very good at using dictionaries to help us.

Year 1 Phonics Drop in Session

Some of our parents came into class to do phonics with us on Friday.  The children got to show them how they are learning to read and some of the different activities that they do in phonics.  The grown ups were very impressed with how well everyone worked and some of the tricky sounds they know.  Everyone enjoyed working together!

Times tables

In Maths we have been learning the 3 and 4 times tables. In year 4 we are going to learn 6,7,8,9,11 and 12 times tables.

Year 3 are getting the hang of times tables.

Year 3 play times tables games a lot.

Before dinner and playtime Mrs Tomlinson gave us some questions too and it helps us.

If  you know your times tables you will know your division facts.

After Christmas year 3 are going to be doing a times table competition with some other schools.

Some of the year 3 are struggling with their times tables so we do some games that help us.

In year 2 we did a times table cup and people got the cup for a day.

Remembrance Day Art

We created some artwork with water colours to paint a sunset back ground and then we used black paper to make a silhouette.  Some people added poppies, some added crosses and others did a silhouette of a soldier.  We really enjoyed the lesson and we were very happy with our artwork.

Year 4


In PE we have been doing gymnastics.  We are learning how to jump and land on 2 feet safely.  We chose how high we wanted to jump – it was scarier than we thought at first but after a little encouragement we all managed a jump from the height of our choice.  It was a fun lesson.


On Tuesday 13th November, Year 5 brought their bikes to school, as usual we did our normal work in the morning. Finally we finished our dinner. Then it was time for Bikeability.

First we had to have our bikes checked. Secondly, year 5 got into a big line and were given a number between 1 and 4 because there was going to be four groups. Next we happily got onto the roads in our groups. We did lots of things like U-turns, signals and going into Primary position from Secondary position.

The next day we did Bikeability all day, we did the same things!

Year 5 had lots of fun doing Bikeability, they cant wait to do it again next year!

By Tillie- Faye 

United Utilities

Today, we had a visit from Janet from United Utilities.  We learnt about the water cycle, water safety, how much water we use and what we can do to save water. It was very fun and interactive.

We are going to record how much water we each use over a week and then we are going to compare our water usage with each other.

Year 4