On Tuesday 13th November, Year 5 brought their bikes to school, as usual we did our normal work in the morning. Finally we finished our dinner. Then it was time for Bikeability.

First we had to have our bikes checked. Secondly, year 5 got into a big line and were given a number between 1 and 4 because there was going to be four groups. Next we happily got onto the roads in our groups. We did lots of things like U-turns, signals and going into Primary position from Secondary position.

The next day we did Bikeability all day, we did the same things!

Year 5 had lots of fun doing Bikeability, they cant wait to do it again next year!

By Tillie- Faye 

United Utilities

Today, we had a visit from Janet from United Utilities.  We learnt about the water cycle, water safety, how much water we use and what we can do to save water. It was very fun and interactive.

We are going to record how much water we each use over a week and then we are going to compare our water usage with each other.

Year 4




To finish our geography learning off we have identified the scruffiest area in our school environment – right outside our classroom! We have cleared away some rubbish already and over the coming months we will decide how we can make this space better.


This week in English we have read The Tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr.  We loved the story.  We have had a look at some of the sentences in the story and played around with the words to see how short we could make the sentence.  We found out the all sentences need a noun and a verb.  Great grammar work in year 1!


Nursery children have been practising writing their names. Some children have been tracing over their names and others are copying them.



Art Hokasai – The Great Wave

We have been learning about the artist Hokasai and we have recreated his artwork ‘The Great Wave’ using water colours.  We really enjoyed this activity.

Year 4


We had a great time making our mosaics just like the Romans used to but we used dried foods like beans and lentils.  We were all really happy with the way our designs turned out.

Year 4

pyjama day

On Wednesday 24th October 2018, we had a pyjama day where everyone came in their snuggly pyjamas and had an awesome day before the week off. After playtime, 4 school councillors made some milkshake and kitchen staff made lots of tasty bat shaped biscuits. It was amazing!

By Abbie B

Who’s got the CRESS factor?

As part of our science topic, life cycles and human development, Y5 have been looking at the life cycle of plants and the germination process. As a reward for all their hard work this half term, the children were given the opportunity to create a cress head. Firstly they designed their cress heads ensuring they adhered to the design specification, and then we created them! The finished products were EGGcellent!