Eden Camp

On Wednesday 28th November 2018, Y5 went to Eden Camp. When we got there we saw a huge spitfire and a ship that was all rusty. When we got off the coach we got into our groups. We saw these huts in our groups, the teachers were told to go in each hut and look at all the information and answer the questions on the sheet. One team went in the blackout hutwhich was all about the blackout. It had dummies in and smoke because the bombs dropped. Then we had dinner and after dinner we went in some more huts until we got to play on the playground. Then we went back on the coach and went to school.

By Lois

Counting buttons

Nursery children have been playing a game where they throw adice and count that number of buttons onto the snowman. They then had to try tomatch the correct numeral to the number of buttons.