Food Webs

We had another fun Science lesson today with Miss Judge, she taught us all about Food Chains and Food Webs.  We worked in groups to make our own Food Chains and then we made a Food Web.

Bill’s NewFrock

Today in English we read the first chapter of Bill’s New frock by Anne Fine.  This story is going to raise lots of issues and dilemmas.  Bill wakes up one morning to find out that he’s a girl and he discovers that everything is different for girls.  We did some hot seating and Brooke pretended to be Bill and we asked her lots of questions to find out how he felt when he discovered he was a girl and we asked questions about what had happened to him on the way to school and at school.  Brooke did a great job and managed to answer all of the questions very well.


Today Miss Judge visited us from the Regional Science Centre to do some work with us about teeth. We had a discussion about different types of teeth and their functions and she also showed us some animal skulls so that we could look at their teeth. After that, we had to follow some instructions to make our own toothpaste. We then brushed our teeth using the toothpaste. Some of us really liked the toothpaste but lots of us didn’t like it because it was too salty. Lots of us are going to make the toothpaste at home for our parents to try.

Visit to the Regional Science Centre

We had a great time at the Regional Science Centre learning about the digestive system.  We did a really fun investigation about the journey that food takes in our bodies.  We can’t wait for our next science lesson next week where we are going to be learning more about teeth and we will be making tooth paste.