We have been having lots of fun making our own alien words today by joining with different partners to make new words. Can you read these alien words?


In our RE lessons we have been learning about the story ‘The stilling of the storm’.  We improvised the scene from this story to help us think about what the disciples thought about Jesus before, during and after the storm.


In art we have been studying William Morris and Laura Ashley.  Our final lesson was to make our own fabric in the style of the artists we have studied.  We all had a great time printing, even though it was a bit messy.  We now have to decide what we are going to make with the fabric next half term.  Any ideas?

Year 4

new classmates!

The chicks have been able to come out and play with the year one children. They will be in the class until Friday 15th February with the children learning how to look after them. The children were very gentle and careful whilst handling them.

Eggsciting event!

We have had a special delivery in Year 1 today. We are very excited to see what will happen to the eggs. We are keeping them warm in an incubator and we are taking turns to check the eggs to look for any changes.