Year 1 are designing and making their own hand puppets. So far we have been practising our sewing skills and trying out the different techniques that we can use to join our pieces of fabric together. Our finger puppets were a great success so we are sure that the hand puppets will be fabulous!


In music we have been learning the song You’ve Got a Friend by Carole King. Last term, we learnt the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. We sometimes use the glockenspiels to play the music we are learning. Our teacher (Mrs Phillips) sometimes prints off the music sheets which are Easy, Medium and Hard. Year 6 have music lessons on a Friday.  We use Charanga to sing and learn the lyrics. Everybody in the class loves music.

By Ella and James R

Times Tables competition

Year 3 all went  to a times table event against 3 other schools. We all walked there. When we got there we all went to the hall. First we danced to a times table song. Then we went to do a puzzle were we had to find a word from times tables. Then Zak and Alycia went to the front of the hall and did the competition on an ipad. Guess who won? Yeah we did because of Alycia and Zak.


We decided to make bunting out of the printing that we did in art last half term. It wasn’t easy but we all managed it. First we had to cut out four of our designs with pinking shears and then we measured one metre of thin material to attach it to.  After that, we accurately measured the distance between the material to make sure it was equal.  We then glued the material in place and finally we stitched along it.  We all really enjoyed the lessons and we are happy with our end product.

Year 4


In guided reading we are reading the book Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman. We are currently near the end of the book. Marlon and Cameron have not seen each other for 7 weeks. Cameron fancies Julie and he has even written a poem about her. He has just had a heart transplant. Also, he could not find a human donor so he had to have a pig heart instead. Before, he found out that his mum was pregnant. But they do not know the gender. Before he had his transplant he got to meet the pig (called Trudy) and they had to go through a scanner machine to make sure they did not have anything on them what they should not have on them. They were offered a lot of money but Cameron’s parents did not take the money. We are doing several worksheets about what we predict. We are looking forward to reading the end of the story.


By Ella and James R


Significant people

In history we are learning about significant people. We have studied Florence Nightingale- she even came to our class to see us and tell us about her life. We learnt what hospitals were like in the Victorian times and how Florence improved them during her visit to Scutari when she helped the injured soldiers in the Crimean war.


String Telephones

We had a great time yesterday investigating how well sound travels through a medium.  We made string telephones and we changed the length of the string to see how many words could be heard clearly.  We found out that sound can travel through a medium and the shorter the string the clearer the words could be heard.

Year 4

Come Fly with Me

In science we have been learning about forces/gravity. We have been carrying out an investigation on parachutes. At first we had to choose 5 materials make them the same length and drop them from the same height each time. Then we timed them to see how long it took to touch the ground we were pretty shocked with the results because they were close together. We would love to do something similar as a class again because it was fun and everyone enjoyed it.

PE sessions

In P.E we are doing team games. Our teacher is Mr Jackson. We always do it on a Friday. We have recently been doing orienteering. We have a map of the whole school with a co – ordinate grid on it. Then, we all get into groups of three or four. After that, the groups get a starting co – ordinate that they have to go to. The wining team gets two raffle tickets. We also are on a timer; you have to write down all of the answers on the other sheet of paper.

By Ella and James