‘Hairspray’ dress rehearsal

On Tuesday 26th February 2019, year 5 and 6 went to North Chadderton High school to watch their production of Hairspray. Everybody enjoyed it but sometimes the microphones didn`t work also the microphones squeak and it really hurt our ears . In the second half of the production some part of the set went with the curtain. The best part of the show was the finale when all the cast come together also the funny part was when Tracy`s mum, Edna, was inside the gigantic  hairspray can and it scared us all when it popped out with confetti and we all jumped out of our seats.

You can still get tickets for Thursday also on the door for this day too.

By Ella and James R

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  1. It sounds like it was a good show! wonder how many of the present year 6 students going to North Chadderton in September will be in future productions?


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