In guided reading we are reading the book Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman. We are currently near the end of the book. Marlon and Cameron have not seen each other for 7 weeks. Cameron fancies Julie and he has even written a poem about her. He has just had a heart transplant. Also, he could not find a human donor so he had to have a pig heart instead. Before, he found out that his mum was pregnant. But they do not know the gender. Before he had his transplant he got to meet the pig (called Trudy) and they had to go through a scanner machine to make sure they did not have anything on them what they should not have on them. They were offered a lot of money but Cameron’s parents did not take the money. We are doing several worksheets about what we predict. We are looking forward to reading the end of the story.


By Ella and James R


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