Egg competition

Today Thorp Primary had an easter egg competition. Were we had to paint,colour and create an egg to win a big chocolate egg. The judges were Miss Garside and Miss Clark. They had to choose one person from each class the winner of our class was Ted. People did lots of different and interesting eggs for the competition.

Trip to Tatton Park

Year three went on a trip to Tatton Park. First we met two ladies called Ruth and Tracey they told us different things about the Stone Age. There were three sections in the stone age called old stone age, middle stone age and new stone age. After we did some learning. We used some rocks to cut some paper and the paper broke. When we had finished we went on to digging with the stone age tools. Tracey told us to get the stone age tools and she asked what tools some of them were easy some of them were not. Later on after our lunch we looked at animal skins. We all followed Ruth and she got out some animal skins everyone got hair on them.


Reception children have been out and about in the environment looking for shapes. We found some classroom objects that are the same shapes we have been learning about.

World Book Day

For world book day we dressed up as characters from Eric Carle stories. We have been sharing lots of Eric Carle stories like, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider, Mister Seahorse and The Bad Tempered Ladybird. We also painted seahorses in the style of Eric Carle.