Gallery Oldham

Year 3 went to a very famous place and we went to Gallery Oldham. First our coach came to pick us up and everybody was ready to go to Gallery Oldham.


Next we got there and Thorp and Baretrees were very excited. After that we went in and two very kind ladies showed us around Gallery Oldham. Then we did two activities with Baretrees and we had so much fun.

After that we went to Alexandra park with Baretrees and had our lunch in a very big place and our lunch was really nice. Then we played on the playground.

Year 3 trip to BareTrees School

On Tuesday 11th June Year 3 went on a trip to Baretrees school. Year 3 Thorp children were so excited. When we got there we got so nicely welcomed by Baretrees. After we got put in groups we went to go and sit down with Baretrees. Half of us went in the big hall and the rest of us went in the small hall. Next we changed halls and did more activities. We were exhausted! When we had dinner we sat in the small hall. 

In the afternoon we talked about two different religions, Islam and Christianity. We hope year 3 Baretrees enjoyed it.

By Phoebe and Riley O

Bridgewater Hall trip

On the 19 of June on a Wednesday afternoon year 3 went to the Bridge water Hall. Year 3 were so excited to go and play with one of the most famous orchestras in the world. We played the Blue Danube, the Ran Can Can and sung One Step on the Moon and Galactic Groove. The hall was beautiful. It was full with light and joy.

Year 3 were so happy to be there and we had so much fun. I can’t wait to go and perform again! 

Mini Beast Art

We had a really good time this afternoon in art producing ‘minibeast’ artwork.  We have been learning how to sketch and how to use different mediums like water colours and pastels.

Design Technology

This week in school we did design technology linked to our history learning about the Wright brothers first aircraft flight in 1903. We all made our own moving picture using a slider mechanism. If was a bit tricky in places but everyone got a final picture they were proud of!

They were all so fabulous we couldn’t decide whose should go on the website! Ask us about them

Road safety

Road safety training.
We had a great afternoon on Thursday learning about road safety in year 1.  We learnt the 4 important rules:
1-stop. 2- look. 3-listen. 4-think.
Then we put this into practise when we crossed roads around our school.  Back in the classroom we talked about safe places to cross and looked at different types of crossing. At the end of the day we all got a certificate to say we a experts at crossing the road!

Living things and their habitats

On Monday, we dodged the showers and managed to do some fieldwork in the school grounds.  Our Science topic is ‘Living things and their habitats’ so we investigated what living things we could find.  We found lots of plants, trees and minibeasts.  We used good observational skills to locate the living things and we used an identification sheet to help us to name what we found.  We all had fun!

What’s the time?

We had so much fun learning outside today.  We were learning how to tell the O’clock and half past times, then we were working out half an hour later and earlier! We also made up our own stories for our clocks too!